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Iron Halberd is an old-school fantasy RPG, designed for ease of use and classless, equipment-oriented progression. Its features include:

  • Compatibility with OSR adventures and bestiaries, with clear guidance for what little conversion might be required.
  • Semi-random but equally competent characters, defined by their equipment loadout. Character creation involves a lot of random die rolls while also asking the player to make choices, and all resulting characters can contribute effectively.
  • All attributes viable for all characters, regardless of playstyle. A heavy-armored weapon-user is just as viable focusing on Stamina and Power as they are focusing on Speed and Spirit; the same goes for book-toting spellcasters, well-prepared dungeoneers or anything in between.
  • Streamlined design while keeping robust subsystems. The core moment-to-moment rules are quick and lightweight, but the system's loaded up with rules for forging equipment and artefacts, brewing potions, hiring and managing followers, foraging for food, tracking time and torchlight during dungeon crawls and downtime, and stealth and reaction rolls during random encounters.
  • Slow leveling with an emphasis on in-world progression. Gaining experience and levels is made a smaller portion of a character's power budget, instead focusing more on discovering treasure and artefacts, forming alliances, raising armies, and building strongholds as your primary form of character progression.
  • Simple, lethal and open-ended combat that goes by quickly and allows for creativity in critical moments. Uses abstract zone-based positioning instead of specific measurements. Both in and out of combat, nonmagic characters are flexible, reliable and strong, while casters are unpredictable, flashy and compensate for lower average effectiveness with rare bursts of reality-warping power.

Iron Halberd is currently in playtest form. The current rulebook is a perfectly playable game with everything you need to run a campaign, but future updates will contain more content, more fleshed-out subsystems for factions and strongholds, and likely tweaks and polishes for existing rules.

Published 15 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tagsclassless, Fantasy, old-school, OSR, rules-lite, Tabletop


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